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Turning Dreams Into Legacies.

Business Succession should begin on your first day of business; so you know what will happen on you last day of business.

We understand business goes through phases. We also understand the success or failure of the business is often a direct result of the decisions and actions taken by the owner(s) and key-executives.

We help you to build strategies to protect the business and your family from the harsh reality of unexpected business transition or triggering events.

Whether you are starting your business, or it has been around for generations, unplanned for triggering events will dramatically reduce the value of the business that you have worked so hard to create.

*74% of businesses do not have a business succession plan.

At Clark & Arsenault Advisory the path we take is consultative and collaborative. Together we help you uncover hidden concerns and develop your three planning priorities.

Whenever possible we partner with your legal and accounting advisors to help you more easily achieve your business succession and estate planning goals.

On your behalf, we leverage our expertise, and the expertise of our team of professionals, as we construct a personal and corporate financial blueprint with you.

*TD Waterhouse survey of 600 small to medium sized businesses


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