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Advisory Services

Shareholder Agreement & Will

Seldom completed; rarely reviewed

These documents form the cornerstone from which future planning begins. There have been substantial changes since2006, yet seldom are these documents updated; leading to increased taxation and possible estate litigation.

Corporate Tax Planning Strategies

Your business is growing; so are your planning opportunities

Corporate restructuring, estate freeze, doubling up on the capital gains exemption, and using trusts in estate planning are just a few of the tax reduction strategies available for our clients' estate and business succession planning.

Owner/Key-Executive Compensation Strategies

For business owners and key-employees

Integrating investment and insurance strategies creates many options for increasing compensation, which can dramatically improve key employee retention and retirement income.
Key-person planning can even create a built-in buyer for the business in the future.

Corporate Insurance Services

Not all products or companies are created equally

The landscape of the insurance industry has changed substantially since 2008. We make certain that policies provide the right protection when it is needed most, in the most cost effective manner.



Business Owners have so much to gain by taking the time to plan ahead.

At CLARK & ARSENAULT ADVISORY we see ourselves as the bridge between accounting, legal, and insurance expertise. Our role is to build the spirit of trust and present the highest caliber of estate and business succession solutions to make great things happen.

A business network to serve you better.

Our Network of Business Associates are there to offer the same “client first” approach to their area of EXPERTISE. When these services are combined with our own, a comprehensive corporate blueprint, fully Integrated for cost efficiency, is the result.

Risk Management
    • Property and casualty
    • Liability and bonding
Investment Management
    • Personal or Corporate Investment Portfolio
    • Registered Retirement Savings Plan
Employee Benefits
  • Group Insurance
  • Group Pension
Accounting Services
  • Corporate Tax Planning
  • Tax Filing Services
Legal Services
  • Shareholder Agreement and Will
  • Corporate Styructures